A memorial stone is not simply a marker of where your loved one is buried or where their ashes are interned. It's a tribute to their life and a place for the family and friends they have left behind to gather in their memory. 

At Moons Funeral Service, we offer support and recommendations to families of the deceased in Lancashire throughout the process of installing a memorial stone to ensure you are satisfied with your decision.

Our service remains efficient yet inconspicuous at all times. We recognise that this is a very difficult time for you, and so ours is a discreet presence, allowing you the space to come to terms with your loss in your own way. The days following bereavement are often the most emotionally testing, and in serving you, we seek to offer unobtrusive support.


We are on hand 24 hours a day to provide advice and encouragement. As one of the few truly independent funeral homes, we take pride in offering a personal service tailored to meet your individual needs. Our courtesy car is available whenever you need it and we are always here to assist you with any aspect of the funeral arrangements, including paperwork. We work hard on your behalf to look after the practical details, taking the weight off your shoulders and giving you the time and space you need.

Call: 01253 810 492 (24 hours)

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