How Our Prepaid Funeral Plans Can Benefit You

If you want to let your family members grieve rather than plan your funeral after you pass away, you might be interested in our prepaid funeral plans, which allow you to plan your own send-off and lock in a fixed price. Plus, funeral plans give you peace of mind that your family members will not be financially responsible for the day, nor will they have to spend time planning your funeral instead of spending time with loved ones. Our compassionate and highly experienced funeral directors have provided prepaid funeral plans to residents in Lancashire since 1989, and we’re happy to provide our services to anybody in Lancashire.


Golden Charter Funeral plans


We’re proud to work alongside Golden Charter, the nation’s leading independent provider of prepaid funeral plans, to arrange convenient, affordable and bespoke funerals. We have a wide range of options to suit any budget and meet any requirement. Plus, if you have any special requests, we’ll do everything we can to accommodate.

Keeping  Your Investment Protected


If you decide to invest in one of our funeral plans so that your family members won’t be responsible for paying for your send-off, you can rest assured that your money will be entirely safe. We keep the money you pay us in a secure trust fund, where it will remain protected until it is required. We guarantee that your funeral will go exactly the way you planned, and even if the costs of the services you choose increase before your death, the price of your funeral will stay the same.

Pre-arrange your funeral plans


We also offer pre-arranged Funeral Plans in Partnership with Golden Charter, which can be a convenient way of specifying your wishes and allowing your estate to pay for funeral costs after your death. The main difference between these plans and pre-paid funeral plans are that there are no up-front payments made, but we cannot guarantee that costs of your chosen service will not rise. If you are in any way confused or need advice, our friendly and helpful team at Moons Funeral Service in Lancashire will be happy to discuss your needs and recommend a plan that works for you.