Funeral cars for Every Purpose

In addition to compassionate support and advice on administrative paperwork , Moons Funeral Service also offers practical services to help make planning the funeral easier for you. From providing the use of a courtesy car to arranging for alternative funeral vehicles, we are at hand to ease your burden during this difficult time. We operate throughout Lancashire.

Courtesy car offered to all


We understand that there are lots of arrangements to be made when planning a funeral, including visits to the registrar, florist, funeral home, doctor’s surgery and other essential locations. We are happy to provide the use of a courtesy car to each and every family in the run up to the funeral. A courtesy car can also be made available as a funeral car to transport any care home or nursing staff to the ceremony in order to pay their last respects.

Variety of funeral vehicles


Our independent family-run company will take care of the transport details on the day of the funeral. A hearse is provided as part of our service, but we can also offer a private car that seats up to four people, or a limousine that can comfortably transport six or seven people to the service.

Special requests for funeral cars


At Moons Funeral Service, we make every effort to accommodate any special requests or requirements you or your loved one may have for their funeral. If an alternative or more unusual funeral car or vehicle would help make the journey more personal, please do not hesitate to ask.

Traditional horse drawn funeral carriages


A horse drawn funeral carriage is an impressive and reverent way to pay your last respects to the deceased. Plumed horses, feathers and Victorian livery can all be decorated in a variety of colours and styles to reflect the taste of the deceased and act as a very personal tribute. All of our horses are highly trained and handled by a skilled team to ensure a dignified procession.

horse drawn hearse.jpg